How many have I been eating?!?!?

So I started the dreaded food journal yesterday. I usually do good for a few days then I forget or have a high calorie day and quit.

One of my goals is to fix how I eat. Now I married a Chef which means there are higher calorie meals and butter rules in our house. I’m not going to deprive myself of those things but I am going to practice portion control and moderation!

Yesterday I was very mindful of what I ate and still went over my allotted calorie intake by 500! I also over ate at dinner and knew it about 10 minutes after I was done. Plus I wasn’t able to workout at all which didn’t help the calorie count.

Today I’m doing better except my coffee this morning. I was shocked that my coffee was more calories than my lunch! Lesson learned!

I also realized that my calorie intake must have been insanely high before! I never liked journaling but I get it now and see how helpful it is.

I’ll post again about our current argument and the joy of being a Chef wife (insert  sarcasm font here)!!!


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